Recommended by veterinarians

Place Command Benefits

Place [go to your bed] is an extremely useful command.

The obvious benefits include having your dog place: when company comes over, during dinner, while kids are doing homework and any other time that you need your dog out of the way and not underfoot.

The less than obvious benefits include: during housebreaking the place command limit your dogs access to the room and/or house. Once your dog understands that he’ll be spending time on place on a regular basis he will choose not to urinate or have a bowel movement in that area. Please also teaches your dog to self control his or her energy level. When we reward a dog during the place command we’re not just re-warding their location. We’re also rewarding the calm state of mind that a dog inners while maintaining a long-term place. A few other benefits are when your dog learns to hold place for an hour they do so out of respect for your authority. But there are also learning to not be clingy and they’re learning some emotional independence.

Dog trainers tip: occasionally of treats on your dogs pillow, while here she is not in the room. When they come back in the room and discover their little treasure. They start to associate the pillow with getting rewards.